Something more than a first dance

First dance. Some couples simply have a rhythm in their genes. Other ones were born with two left feet and would do anything to skip this part of the big day. Either way, today we would like to encourage you to put a little bit of heart and effort into your first dance. And maybe, just maybe by that you both will have a little bit of fun from it.

First of all, please remember (and we will deliberately try to repeat it as often as we can) – your wedding is all about you and your beloved one. No one else will cherish the memory of it so vividly and precious as you will. This is way, there is no right or wrong, no decisions badly made, no place for unwanted compromise. Do everything for love and with love and you’ll create the day most beautiful of all days. It applies to the first dance too. There will probably be now better chance to express yourself so profoundly and to be closer to your husband or wife with your steps, song lyrics, devotion and the ultimate feeling of your body in his/her arms than that. It really matters.

You might say -that it’s just words. That the thought of public dancing is too terrifying itself and nothing can persuade you to give it a try. I’ve been there. Believe me. But it is worth it! Not to be groundless – here is my personal story.

For me, the first dance was the most stressful thought before the wedding day. Couldn’t take if of my mind for anything. Yet I know how I would like to remember this intimate, precious, once in the lifetime moment, a moment just between me and my love. Therefore, somehow, against any reason we’ve decided to dive into deep and try something new, inventive, maybe a little bit surprising – RUMBA. Trust me – quite a challenge for complete dancing lay couple. When we were telling any friend about it before the wedding – almost all of them though it was a joke. But did it go well? Surely it was not perfect but I wouldn’t change it for the world. And you know what’s funny? The second we’ve got on the dancefloor, in some mysterious, magical way, all my fears and distress disappeared. I’ve suddenly realized – this is one of the most precious moment of my life. Between family and friends, cuddled with my love arms. There was nothing to fear, nothing to worry. Just unforgettable, mystical joy of the moment. I wish someone told be that earlier. All of that for seven dancing lessons? A small price I believe. That is why today I would give a lot to help any bride to feel like that on her wedding day. To bring you out a little bit – I’ve enclosed a video of my wedding dance below.

But hey, non-traditional wedding dance do not mean a sensual Latino only! You both love contemporary, energetic beats? Even better. There is nothing more entertaining than a crazy shuffle dancing feet! How about some surprising classic waltz mixed-up with disco-samba. A real show of oriental of folk dance? “Time of my life” straight from Dirty Dancing? Or some disco dance straight from 80’?  Dress up a little bit if you can. If you have your favorite song – use it!  You would be surprised how diverse your dance to one song can be.

Next time you’ll be planning a perfect wedding day think outside the box. Get creative and most of all go for it! Reveal your soul in this precious moment of yours.

We truly want to inspire you to grab this unique moment and change it into your dream. Couse it will pass anyway. Let it pass with happiness and devotion.


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