A perfect buffet for a modern, outdoor wedding? Wedding Food Truck! Include a bit of fun into your menu!

W e know. Traditional Polish wedding is all about food and booze. Some time ago almost everyone thought – the bigger the better. But not anymore. Today food truck has emerged as the latest wedding trend. Works not only as an exciting attraction but also as an original alternative to your catering. Especially for an outdoor venue.

Vege burgers, pizza, Asian or Mexican cuisine? How about a sweet van with waffles and ice cream? Such a tasty way to surprise (even the most frequent) wedding guest! Let’s not stop there. How would you like an authentic, old-fashion lemonade made in front of you during a hot summer day? Or freshly brewed, organic coffee from a bicycle?

Several trucks can easily create a private street food festival! What is more, it may also become an exceptional backdrop for the theme of your reception. Whimsical lights above the setting just next to the lakeside, a rustic eco-nutrition during the big day – your vegan friends will love you for it. Forever. Incorporate recyclable plates and save some trees with you board-written menu. How about a magical, fairylike picking under the starlight? The ideas are endless.

Food trucks are definitely a brilliant way to host an entirely unique wedding.

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