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Despite a wide range of dresses to choose from, it is not easy to find a perfect wedding gown. As wedding planners we experienced it many times. Even if the Bride knows what style and shape is her favourite one, there are still doubts. Therefore, to help you make a good choice, we present a list of significant questions. Be sure you answer them before purchasing your one and only exceptional wedding gown.


Wearing you favourite wedding gown better ask yourself:

Is it practical in use?

  • Will it take ages to dress me up and fasten buttons ?
  • Can I go to the toilet?
  • Where will I hide a tissue?

    Does it fit my body shape?

  • Doesn’t it cause abrasions?
  • Can I breath?
  • Will I find suitable underwear?

    Does it suit the season?

  • Isn’t too long (in case of rain)?
  • Isn’t too heavy (in case of heat) ?
  • Isn’t too see-through (in case of cold)?

    Is it comfortable?

  • Can I move freely?
  • Can I dance no matter the rhythm?
  • Can I sit easily?


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