Wedding in Ale Gloria Restaurant – Magda & Bruno

Ale Gloria

I like to work with brides who know exactly what they want. Magda was one of them. She sent us a lot of photos with inspirations among others: hair styling, table plan, ideas for decoration of the wedding cake or stationery.

S he surprised me with her memories about Warsaw. That was the main reason to choose this city and Ale Gloria restaurant for the wedding reception. The leitmotif was strawberries of course. This wedding was full of small touches. It started with ideas for a photo session. Scrabble letters, blackboard or old family photos were used.

Flower girl and page boys carried wooden hearts where was written “here comes the bride“. Baby’s breath (gypsophila) prevailed in decorations. We used them everywhere, mainly in the aisle with candles on a white carpet – amazing effect. Two big trees which we placed on each side of the official’s desk were made from baby’s breath too. We used colored lights to emphasize their splendor. Baby’s breath you could also find in Bride’s hair. But not on the tables. At the beginning of May, we decided to use trollius and tulips: traditional ones and rose type. Flowers matched with elegant name cards and menus ordered in the USA. My favorite decoration was a table plan, which looked like a tree.

Wedding story was immortalized by a couple of extraordinary photographers – Dorota and Michal from White Smoke Studio. One of the best storytelling destination photographers. The reportage is amazing as always and you cannot miss it! Before I want you to tell a wedding shortcut, very briefly 😉
Guests were driven from the Le Regina hotel straight to Ale Gloria restaurant wedding reception by Double Deckers. The Bride and Groom arrived shortly afterward, in a white Cadillac. The ceremony was organized upstairs, in Patio. The civil ceremony was followed with a cocktail. The klezmer band was playing in the background. Guest could not wait for Polish cuisines to try. We decided to serve “kopytka” (literally “little hooves”) and it was a good choice! The dinner was interspersed with speeches. I remember one quite well. Magda and Bruno used to travel a lot and he used this issue in his speech. He finished it with a sentence about next long journey they are going together, and the journey is called life.
I admired Magda and her devoted attention to details. She checked a few times if the band remembers that a second song they have to play is Isn’t she lovely. She danced with her father. All the Brides know the tradition but not all want to follow. They are usually stressed with a first dance and decide to move the father-daughter dance. As far as I remember they danced a few times together. The list of “must have songs” was so good, that nobody wanted to leave the dance floor before 2:00 am!

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