Wedding in Korzkiew Castle

wedding in Korzkiew Castle

Searching for photos to the other article about wedding planner I found these – a folder named Sophie and Scott. It made a huge smile on my face! First off I thought – I have to recall all the memories from the wedding in Korzkiew Castle to share with you. Especially, while they celebrated their anniversary yesterday! Why wasn’t the post publish yesterday? You will find the answer in the text below.

I t was a great pleasure to meet Sophie and Scott and to work with such an easy-going couple. They keep a distance to everything, but at the same time they knew what they want. The plan was easy. A ceremony – as early as possible, and then a ride to Korzkiew Castle to celebrate there. Everything went smooth with short questions and quick answers, fast bookings etc. They even arrived at Balice airport, to try a new Polish soup (and to become the biggest fans of this dish ;)). Suprisingly, it went too smooth! And I was right, everything was fine until the day, when chosen airline changed the flights. And it was not the hour of departure, it was a whole day!

Fast decision needed to be done. Thousands of phone calls to check if the Korzkiew Castle and vendors are available and when. Should we choose Friday or Sunday? After a short discussion we made a decision, let’s try to move it to Friday. Luckiness did not leave us! The wedding reception and all the vendors were available. The biggest problem we had with the church. Not everywhere it is possible to get married on Friday. But what does it mean to the Beautifulday wedding planner? Turn something impossible into possible 😉 That is right, I found a wonderful and very helpful priest. We could come back to the schedule and wedding in Korzkiew Castle did come true.

The wedding day scenario started at 7:00 am! Really! Fast coffee and breakfast and a second cup of coffee. Still thinking of bed, we could start with the hair. As usually, quiet castle’s rooms become very noisy. Styling, dressing up, checking if kids were not hungry. And finally, the carriage arrives. The Bride looked amazing!
When Sophie arrived to the church, all the guests already seated. She entered led by her father. The ceremony was touching, attended only by the closest people. Then we organize the wishes line on the grass next to the palace. String quartet was playing in the background. Later on they moved inside and keep playing during the dinner in the castle.
It was hot that day, so everyone liked the idea of barbecue in the courtyard. Guests came back to the castle for dancing quite late in the evening. But not only the temperature was the reason. I tell you, not only the children love to play in the bouncy castle 😉

What I remember mostly from the wedding in Korzkiew Castle is a photo session. I had an extra job as a photographer’s assistant there 🙂 Sophie, Scott – it was a great pleasure to see that you really enjoyed your day! Smiles did not leave from your faces. My favorites photos are from the fields and from the bouncy castle of course. You had a great fun and I still do not know what you did to have so much energy. Yet, the ceremony started at 1:00 pm and the last guests went to the city center to continue the party at 1:00 am. You draw energy from positive people! And this is the recipe!

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