Wedding in Manor – Dwór Many – Ada & Jonathan

It was a beautiful weather when we met for the first time, and I promised to come with the same sun next year, on the wedding day. And we did. Actually, it was much hotter than we’d expected!

Our work with Ada & Jonathan started from searching a venue. Ada and Jonathan made their decision based on the materials sent by me. They saw a wedding reception for a first time in the winter when we went for a menu tasting. I was afraid it would not be so impressive without green grass, colorful flowers around and warm sun. But they really like it!

They decided to stay in the city center before the wedding day. We met about noon in Dwor Many, where they drove with witnesses. The stylist and the wedding coordinators were waiting for them there. And everything started! Ada was busy with her hair and make-up. Jonathan could relax with his Best Men for a while. Wedding coordinators were checking the decorations, set up for the ceremony and party, table plan and supervise the vendors. Everything was prepared on time. Even guests from abroad were driven by coach arrive on time. Polish guests decide to come on their own. I was a little bit stressed about that due to the roads renovation, but nothing changed and no road was moved to the other direction. The ceremony was beautiful. Vows, rings, with a harp music in the background. Here I would like to mention about an official. Mrs Karolina was so helpful not only before but also after the whole process with documents. Everything happened during new legislation and there were a lot of unknown details. But everything went on our minds and it was possible to organize legally bind outdoor ceremony. Wedding in manor was a full success!
Everything was decored in white and violet. Not only ceremony but also a ballroom.

Just after dinner, the DJ was ready to play the song for the first dance… And the party started…

After some stress with the harpist, the wedding dress, everything went smooth for the whole year. I am very pleased to Ada who wanted to travel so many times to Warsaw. But it was worth, the dress was gorgeous!

Add to that the most beautiful pictures? Just look at them. A marvelous clarity of photo shoots and the amazing talent of Grzegorz Ciepiel to capture all the emotions, intensity and atmosphere of that wonderful day. And that amazing moment when Grzegorz almost magically appeared on the roof of the Manor just to make a perfect group picture? Priceless? But that is not all. We simply adore the newlyweds photo shoots in Warsaw. All of the most remarkable places in the capital. A city center, Vistula river and the amazing Wilanów Palace gardens. Ada’s portraits are simply breathtaking. That also thanks to a stunning Agnieszka’s Gut hairstyle and make-up! So glamourous, so chic & classy.

We present you a beautiful wedding in Manor – Dwór Many of Ada &  Jonathan.

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