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wedding room Gdynia

Atelier Wedding Room is a very unique & exciting alternative to the traditional wedding boutiques. From the first minute I saw it, I knew, it will be the perfect topic for our wedding blog.

Wedding Room is a fascinating space, where for the last 3 years, Justyna & Aleksandra runs the “Wedding Revolutions” project. They help to change to bridal appearance, conducting thrilling makeovers and helping to create an unforgettable & consistent wedding look. The girls plays an important role in planning their Brides weddings, trying to renew the conveyance and wedding tendencies.

Justyna & Ola managed to create a magical place, going way beyond traditional wedding boutique. The Atelier offers only the most exceptional dresses, very often one of a kind. They come from wedding collections outlets, wedding photo shoots, fashion & wedding shows of polish & abroad designers, as well as from private owners. All that creates a wonderful opportunity for the Brides-to-be to buy the less expensive, unique projects. Wedding Room is also the only place to buy Alisa Bridal wedding dresses – collection “Dark Angel 2016”, which are, in our opinion, nothing less than amazing!

Being the professional stylists, Justyna & Aleksandra keep up with modern needs and expectations. We all know how wedding trends evolved over last few years and girls are trying to help Brides to find their way in this changing circumstances. The history of their friendship is as enchanting as the dresses. They meet at the university and were fascinated by the mutual passion for creating & joy of life, they seem to enthuse one another. After a very special year for both of them, when Ola & Justyna both said “I DO”, the girls learnt the hard way how much there is to be done when it comes to Polish world of weddings. That’s how the “Wedding Revolutions” Project come into the world and we are really glad it did!

Ola & Justyna are doing a perfect job inspiring girls to see the new, modern & exciting side of wedding preparations, fulfilled with love and emotions. They will help you to pick the perfect wedding dress, but also to create the unforgettable wedding look &  memories that go beyond imaginations. So if you are ready to make your wedding dreams come true – do not hesitate and visit Atelier Wedding Room in one of the most beautiful Polish cities.

 How to contact Wedding Room Gdynia? Here you go:

Wedding Room- Ślubne Rewolucje
Gdynia, ul. Sandomierska 2
Tel. 509396946

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