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wedding traditions

Did you notice that each of us tries to follow and worship the wedding traditions? Very often we do it without knowing why or how did they appear around us. Do not worry, thanks to your Beautifulday Wedding Planners update, now you will be ready to share all the traditions for a certain reason.

H ere are some of the must-to-be wedding traditions explained. What do the used objects symbolize? What wishes do they hide? We hope to make your beautiful day even more meaningful that any other. Read the information and decide on your own which wedding tradition you’d like to keep alive.

1. Bread and salt.

Traditionally, after the wedding ceremony the bride and the groom are welcomed by the wedding house host with bread and salt. In Poland Newlyweds’ parents take this rule for serious. But do you know why? From decades, not only in Polish culture but also worldwide, bread was a symbol of wealth, hospitality, and sharing. Together with a salt, it has been put on wedding table from medieval times. As a symbol of prosperity, bread has always been treated as a fundamental part of weddings menu. And a salt itself has the opposite meaning at the greetings. It should remind that sometimes life is also bitter and difficult and Newlyweds have to learn how to deal with all the trouble together.

wedding traditions

2. Rice and confetti.

Everybody loves it when the fresh wedding couple happilly goes out from the church. Then rice or confetti is a real must to show our happiness and start the celebration. But do we know why we use to throw them up in the air above the newlyweds? The wedding traditions of rice throwing can be traced back to the pagan weddings times when the rice has been the symbol of fertility. But what about the confetti? The name originates from Italian almond threw up in the air during special celebrations. Next time you grab a fist of rice to throw, you will remember its meaning! And while making preparations think about some modern substitutes of rice like for example Italian confetti, lavender, flower petals or ribbon wands. Today it does not matter what will you throw up in the air – it is all to bring fertility and good luck.

wedding traditions

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3. The ring finger.

Fiances wear the diamond rings on this finger and the newlyweds always put the wedding bands there. But why? The answer is a little bit silly, yet lovely. In ancient Greece, it was believed that the ring finger has a direct connection with the heart. Yes, today we all know that veins in every finger are connected with the heart, but this is just too lovely not to spread it. The ring finger, the finger of love – in English we usually call it third finger. But its’ Polish name is much more romantic. We call it the next-to-heart finger 🙂

wedding traditions

4. Throwing the wedding bouquet.

Hey, we all know it’s fun right? Every engaged lady waits all night for this moment. But do we know the origins of this tradition? In the 14th century, having a piece of bride’s clothing was considered lucky. As a result, after the wedding ceremony, the bride’s wedding gown was tired into shreds so that every guest could have a little piece just for herself. Well, I cannot imagine a tradition like that happening now. Luckily, we do have a less “barbarian” substitute – the wedding bouquet! As it also represents a piece of bride’s outwear, one of the lucky guests can have it just for herself. The same goes with throwing the bow tie by the groom. Oh thank God it has undergone a revolution!
wedding traditions

5. Let’s dance!

…but not before the newlyweds’ go first! It is believed to be one of the oldest wedding traditions on wedding celebrations. The first dance of the bride and the groom is something magical. It introduces the guests to whatever comes next. This tradition has been practiced since medieval times when the royal couple or the honored guests started the ball. It was a form of invitation and saying “Welcome to our property”. Now, this lovely tradition still has its place on every single wedding, where surrounded by enchanted guests, the beautiful couple dance.

wedding traditions

Next time when you will be attending a wedding or organizing a wedding yourself try to recall the symbolic meanings behind those simple, yet unique gestures that altogether form a beautiful unity of heritage, love and mystery.

We all like modern, but let’s give wedding traditions a chance! They’re worth it.

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