Wedding Trend for 2016: Boho wedding style

Wedding Trend for 2016

The next wedding trend for 2016 Wedding Season – Boho. Always is style, always trendy, but every time in a different design.

Y ear by year Polish brides seems to sway away from the very traditional wedding, trying to make the day more personal. For this girls bohemian wedding theme might be one of the best choices to make. Boho is wonderfully free, natural and intimate. It’s inspired by ethnic patterns, Indian traditions or gypsy style. Perfect for every couple planning to express their personality through their wedding. Perfect for every couple planning to make this very special day a family celebration.

How to highlight the theme? Start from the venue. Outdoor wedding ceremony on the beach would be amazing. What’s more, it’s absolutely doable even with Polish weather conditions. If not, try to find some wooden stable hidden deep in the woods. The choice of colors is endless. From the very natural white, grey and cream sand color palette, up to extremely colorful pink, green, blue and black combinations, that are so fun and playful.

As for the wedding dress, the most fashionable choices are long sleeves and open back. Do remember to always think simple when it comes to the boho. The main motives for the theme? Dream catchers, feathers, backless dresses, lace, barns, and colors.

As bohemian wedding might seem to me quite a risky choice for a wedding in Poland, there’s no reason to be afraid. I can assure you that within year or two it will be as popular as rustic. 

And what will be the most fashionable choice for 2016 bohemian wedding? See for yourself.



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