Wedding trends 2016: colorful wedding

Wedding trends 2016: colorful wedding

The colorful wedding might seem to be an intimidating choice for most of us. We are quite used to thinking

The colorful wedding might seem to be an intimidating choice for most of us. We are quite used to thinking white and classic when it comes to the wedding. No wonder, cause the traditional light colors are always a beautiful and safe bridal choice. No family complaining, no time wasted on figuring excuses ‘why your event is so not quite wedding like’. But although we do believe that it’s important to cultivate the most important Polish wedding traditions, adding a little bit of color to your wedding should not make a harm.

T he colorful wedding is a big trend for 2016. What will it all be about? Mixed bright, intense, amazingly positive colors. Coral, pink, violet above all. But everything that screams spring and summer will do. How can you use the trend for your celebrations? First of all, remember about bridal bouquet and table centerpieces. Then, think of details, like stationery and fiance boutonniere. Bridesmaids dresses? Why not! Best man socks? Even better!

Want to get a little bit more into the theme? Here’s some unexpected and unique ideas for adding a little bit of colorful happiness to your wedding. First of all try skipping the traditional church exit flowers or rise and prepare a bright, soft pom pons. How about the multi-color nails, different for every bridesmaid? Before that, consider a touch of sparkle withing your ceremony or photo booth backdrop. And tell me: what is the best way  to show every detail of your event color palette? The dessert table, of course,  and most of all: the wedding cake. How about a colorful dots or confetti all over the frosting? Or a different shade of every layer?  Looking for a healthier alternative? Create a fresh lemonade drink bar with ombre liquids. 

You can also underline the trend during your after wedding photo shoots. How to do that? Prepare some details like an extra layer (a simple orange cardigan will be perfect) for your bridal outfit. Additionally, try to arrange some crazy lawn games for your ‘day-after-wedding party’ activities. Think of mini golf or a huge coral Jenga.

Most of all, remember that even though a colorful wedding trend may be quite a novelty in Poland (and in some cases a small excess of boldness) at least, try incorporating the amaranth peonies into your bouquet. You won’t believe how much more cheerful and positive your wedding celebrations may become just because of that.

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