Wedding Trends 2016: flower crowns

flower crown

Flower crowns. A fashionable competition for the traditional wedding veils. Known since hundreds of years ago they are the most beautiful symbol of Slavic wedding traditions.

In the medieval Poland, a flower crown was a symbol of virginity. They were wreathed by young girls, often with no special occasion, just to highlight their youthful beauty & virtues. When it comes to weddings, the day before the wedding, best man used to come to the Bride’s family home to pick up the wreath. Sometimes the tradition was accompanied by beautiful, festive Polish dance. The next day, just before the wedding, the same flower crown was given to the Bride by the wedding marshal who threw a lively, amusing speech. The symbolic purchase of the wreath by best man, and then, the solemn taking it off from the Bride’s head during the Oczepiny, has been the last part of the poetic, purely Slavic family tradition of the region. 

Although in Poland we usually maintain our beautiful wedding traditions (like salt & bread welcome, midnight games during the Oczepiny or Catholic blessing before the wedding) the wreath lost its role. No wonder. The reality changed so much. We do not usually wear flower crowns with no occasion as well as we do not keep our virtues to the wedding day.

In 19th & 20th-century flower crowns lost their popularity. They were associated with old, outdated, rural customs. Luckily 21th century was a big come back for the wreaths and we simply LOVE the trend. There is no better jewelry for the day than the flowers and we can do soo much with them. The wreaths can be modest & delicate, made from wildflowers, but they can also be huge, wreathed from the peonies and roses. You can use them for so many wedding themes & in so many versions. Below, we’ll show you the most fashionable flower crown trends for 2016 wedding season.

Do remember to share with us your story – have you ever considered swapping the veil for a wreath? We’d love to hear your opinions.

Colorful & big



Modest green


Natural blush

Bridesmaids wreaths


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