Wedding video tips – interview with e-motionfilms

I met with Gabriela from e-motionfilms, we talk about wedding movies. She started quite a contrariwise advice for all couples:

If you are not 100% confident that you found a good and professional videographers – resign!

As an experienced filmmaker she is right, the movie has its own rules. There are no half measures! She told me more, so I make notes especially for you!

What is the most important rule, when you want to create a good movie?

When I was studying journalism, experienced practitioner told us that if we want to create a good report, we should reject approximately 3/4 of the material. That time I was appalled and thought that I would be able to shoot the material that I could issue almost entirely. Now I know that it was only a youthful pride, which fortunately passed. After 9 years of filming weddings (and not only), I know that very good shots should be selected only. If there is any doubt, you should reject the recognition of data. After 15 years of work in TVN and TVP and for many smaller companies making ads, I also know that there is no crew, which comes on the set and revolves 90% emissive material. Therefore, you should not be afraid of short films. The film has to recall memories, not an every minute narration, stripping the event of magic.

Many times I saw that only Newlyweds are excited about watching wedding video. Is there any possibility to change this trend?

Each wedding is experiencing in a completely different way. Everyone draws attention to the other details. When installing the movie we follow the principle – production must be interesting for the customer who does not know the bride and groom. Only then we can succeed. It must be true as only this kind of wedding trailers are viewing (to end!) on youtube or Vimeo by tens of thousands of customers for example:

Working on this production, we turned down a lot of good material by selecting best of the best! And after this trip we have new friends – both the bride and groom and charming photographers 😉

You follow rules based on your knowledge and experience. Do you need anything more?

Without a good equipment, there is no chance for a successful production. Without clear lenses, we will have to shine the lights in your guests’ faces. Without good microphones and lenses approximations, we have to stand next to the bride and groom during the oath. Emagine two operators and two photographers who want to capture that moment! It would make a lot of traffic and effectively covers the whole event for guests. Without a professional Steadicam, picture shakes and can not be stabilized even in the tedious post-production. The slider also is invaluable … It’s all unfortunately costs … If a company proposes a very low price, probably has poor equipment … then it is better to invest time in a good photographer 😉

And now, the most important for Bride and Groom, what they should look for when making a decision about videographer?

They have to like a team as they will be very closed to them during the whole wedding. It is quite important to meet. Please try to avoid fixing everything by e-mail. If you cannot meet, skype conversation is a great idea. We spend a lot of time together and the couple needs to feel comfortable. To make a good film we need to be not only the filmmakers but also psychologists. Usually, young couples debut in the role of both spouses and actors. We have to help the young couple to survive this long day which is full of events. An essential element is slack, tranquility and a lot of humor. Not once I helped to tie a tie, pin up the veil, or reassured the mother 😉


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